OLD NEWS reviewed

You might feel as though you’ve stepped back in time when flicking through a copy of Old News.
- Charlotte Simmonds, It's Nice That: Millennium Magazines

In Some Classrooms, Old News Proves Far Livelier Than History.
- Michael Pollak, The New York Times

Perhaps the most peculiar newspaper in the United States.
- James Bone, The Times, London  

"Christopher Columbus Is Dead", headlined the June, 1991, issue. A good story is always worth holding a day or two.
- Walter Naedele, The Philadelphia Inquirer  

This online version of a print publication is for those who like their history told in tight, swift narratives. . .. this odd "newspaper" provides nuggets of old news from every corner of Western Civilization, changing historical events into great stories of remarkable people.
- Lycos Top 5%

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