THIS MONTH'S OLD NEWS: December, 2020 & January, 2021

Vol. 32, No. 3

Hubble aimed the Yerkes Observatory telescopes at seven relatively starless regions of the sky.

- Slaves Capture Schooner

The Amistad mutineers remained in the New Haven jail while their fate was hotly debated in the U.S. courts.

- Printer Invents Typewriting Machine

Sholes' layout of letters, with Q-W-E-R-T-Y on the top row, remains in use on keyboards today.

- Pinkerton Suspects Socialite of Espionage

He suspected that the secret plans had been leaked by Rose O'Neal Greenhow, who resided a short distance from the White House.

- Dutch Army Invades England

A group of nobles in London begged William to come to the city and take over the government.

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