(ISSN 1047-3068)
Vols. 26-30

Vol. 26, No. 1, August & September, 2014

Yamamoto Plans Attack on Pearl Harbor. David Vachon. Topics: World War Two, 1941

Roosevelt Battles Railroad Trust. Paul Chrastina. Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, J. P. Morgan, Northern Securities Railroad Trust, Sherman Antitrust Act, 1901

English Gentleman Invents Photography. David Vachon. Topics: Henry Fox Talbot, 1834

Madame de Stael Hides Friends During Reign of Terror. Matthew Surridge. Topics: French Revolution, 1789

Ferris Designs Giant Wheel. Rick Bromer. Topics: George Washington Gale Ferris, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893

Vol. 26, No. 2, October & November, 2014

General Benedict Arnold Betrays American Army. David Vachon. Topics: American Revolution, West Point, New York, 1780

Ex-Slave Goes to Court To Free Her Son. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Sojourner Truth, slavery, abolition, 1799

What Disaster Created Arizona Crater? Paul Chrastina. Topics: Daniel Moreau Barringer, Meteor Crater, geology, astrophysics, 1903

Union Prisoners of War Dig Escape Tunnel. Rick Bromer. Topics: James Wells, Libby Prison, Richmond, Virginia, United States Civil War, 1863

Vol. 26, No. 3, December, 2014 & January, 2015

Judge Jails Jury At William Penn Trial. Paul Chrastina. Topics: jurisprudence, law, 1670

Experiment May Show How Prehistoric People Domesticated Wild Animals. David Vachon. Topics: Dmitri Belyaev, genetics, fox, 1959

British Help Ottomans Battle Bonaparte. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Commodore Sidney Smith, Siege of Acre, 1799

Nansen Sails Toward North Pole. David Vachon. Topics: Fridtjof Nansen, Fram, Arctic exploration, 1894

Vol. 26, No. 4, February & March, 2015

Stuyvesant Bolsters Manhattan's Defenses. Paul Chrastina. Topics: New York, New Amsterdam, 1647

American Aviatrix Braves English Channel. Michael Hull. Topics: Harriet Quimby, aviation 1912

George Gallup Revolutionizes Polling. Matthew Surridge. Topics: politics, 1936

Curies Discover Radioactive Elements. David Vachon. Topics: radium, 1901

Writer Speaks Poorly. David Vachon. Topics: Demosthenes, Greece, Athens -354

English Monarch Invades France. Paul Chrastina. Topics: Hundred Years War, England, Edward III, France, Philip VI 1346

Vol. 26, No. 5, April & May, 2015

Inventor Transforms Publishing. Paul Chrastina. Topics: Ottmar Mergenthaler, linotype, 1886

Caesar Seeks To Expand Empire. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Julius Caesar, Vercingetorix, Alesia, Gaul, Roman Empire, -52

Dr. Alois Alzheimer Identifies a Disease That Causes Dementia. David Vachon. Topics: medicine, Alzheimer's, 1906

Interior Secretary Accused of Taking Bribes. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Teapot Dome Scandal, Thomas J. Walsh. Albert Bacon Fall, 1924

Naturalist Pioneers Study of Insect Ecology. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Maria Sibylla Merian, entomology, 1698

Vol. 26, No. 6, June & July, 2015

General�s Daughter Leads Rebel Troops Against Emperor. Paul Chrastina. Topics: Princess Pingyang, China, Sui-Tang Dynasty, 617

Churchill Won�t Negotiate With Nazis. David Vachon. Topics: World War Two, 1937

France Gives Statue of Liberty To United States of America. Michael Fuller. Topics: Statue of Liberty, Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi United States art 1886

Prince Confronts Revolutionists in Brazil. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Pedro of Portugal, 1821

Catiline Conspiracy Threatens Roman Republic. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Cicero, -63

Vol. 27, No. 1, August & September, 2015

Kublai Khan Aims To Conquer China. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Mongol Empire, 1250.

Promising Invention Hits Marketplace Snags. David Vachon. Topics: Whitcomb Judson, zipper, fashion, 1891

Wireless Operator on Sinking Ship Sends Call For Help. David Vachon. Topics: Jack Binns, Republic shipwreck, technology, wireless radio, 1909

Paxton Designs "Crystal Palace." Matthew Surridge. Topics: London Great Exhibition, architecture, 1851

Vol. 27. No. 2. October & November, 2015.

Attorney-General Gets Life Sentence. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Hugo Grotius, Netherlands, Calvinism, Loevestein Castle, 1618

AC versus DC: Westinghouse & Edison Battle To Decide How To Light America. David Vachon. Topics: Battle of the currents, industry, invention, 1888

Fifteen-year-old Boy Invents New Alphabet For the Blind. David Vachon. Topics: Louis Braille, France, 1823

Vermont Physician Attempts to Drive Horseless Carriage Across United States. Paul Chrastina. Topics: Horatio Nelson Jackson, automobile, Winton, 1903

Vol. 27. No. 3. December, 2015 & January, 2016.

Quarrelsome Duo Attempt English Channel Flight. David Vachon. Topics:John Jeffries, Jean Pierre Blanchard, Aeronautics, England, France, 1785

Prince Distrusts Machiavelli. Rick Bromer. Topics: The Prince, Florence, Italy, Renaissance, 1512

Professor W.C. R�ntgen Discovers X-Rays. David Vachon. Topics: science, radioactivity, electromagnetic spectrum, 1895

"Black Ships" Threaten Japan's Isolationism. Paul Chrastina. Topics: Kayama Eizaemon, Matthew C. Perry, Japan, Shogun, 1853

Vol. 27. No. 4. February & March, 2016.

King Orders Arrest Of Bible Translator. Brenda Ralph Lewis. Topics: William Tyndale, King Henry VIII, 1534

Thaddeus Lowe Plans Transatlantic Balloon Flight. David Vachon. Topics: aviation, U.S. Civil War, 1859

Chester Carlson Invents Machine To Copy Documents. David Vachon. Topics: technology, Xerox, xerography, 1938

Kellogg Brothers Disagree About How To Sell Cereal. David Vachon. Topics: Will Kellogg, 1894

Merchant Seaman Attempts To Swim English Channel. Paul Chrastina. Topics: Matthew Webb, sports, 1875

Vol. 27. No. 5. April & May, 2016.

Sierra Club Opposes Dam in National Park . Paul Chrastina. Topics: John Muir, Yosemite, Hetch Hetchy, California, environmentalism 1892

Tailor Puts Rivets In Pants. David Vachon. Topics: Jacob W. Davis Youphes, Levi Strauss, blue jeans, 1871

Charles Babbage Invents Mechanical Calculator. Paul Chrastina. Topics: technology, invention, computer science, 1822

Doctor John Snow Blames Water Pollution For Cholera Epidemic. David Vachon. Topics: medicine, epidemiology, London, 1848

Elevator Safety Device Invented. David Vachon. Topics: Elisha, Charles Otis, New York City, architecture, 1851

Vol. 27. No. 6. June & July, 2016.

French Troops Expel British Settlers From Ohio Valley. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: George Washington, Fort Necessity, French and Indian War, Colonial America, 1753

Critics Denounce Roman Dictator. Kim Stubbs. Keywords: Fabius, Second Punic War, Hannibal, Roman Republic, -218

Immigrant Invents Plastic In Attic Lab. David Vachon. Keywords: Leo Baekeland, Bakelite, invention, 1907

Legless Airman Volunteers To Defend Britain. Brenda Ralph Lewis. Keywords: Douglass Bader, Battle of Britain, World War Two, 1939

Vol. 28. No. 1. August & September, 2016

Priestly Discovers "New Kind of Air." Paul Chrastina. Topics: science, chemistry, oxygen, Lavoisier, 1774

Alexander Hamilton Embroiled in Scandal. Rick Bromer. Topics: United States, Philadelphia, 1791

Lawrence of Arabia Aids Rebels In Desert. Matthew Surridge. Topics: Damascus, Syria, World War One, Prince Feisal, 1916

Matisse Leaves Law Career, Takes Up Painting. David Vachon. Topics: Art, France, 1891

Vol. 28. No. 2. October & November, 2016

Russia Claims Alaska. Matthew Surridge Keywords: Vitus Bering, Kamchatka, Arctic exploration, 1741

Doctor Proves That Germs Cause Disease. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Robert Koch, anthrax, bacteriology 1874

Smithsonian Institution Sponsors Weather-Forecasting Network. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Joseph Henry, meteorology, 1846

Henry Ford Invents New Way to Assemble Cars. David Vachon. Keywords: assembly line, industry 1910

British Regulars Arrest Paul Revere. Rick Bromer. Keywords: Lexington, Concord, American Revolution, Boston, 1775

Vol. 28. No. 3. December, 2016 & January, 2017

British Navy Fights French Fleet Off Cape Trafalger. Nicky Nielsen. Keywords: Dr. William Beatty, Napoleonic Wars, 1805

Will Sikorsky's Helicopter Fly? Paul Chrastina. Keywords: aviation, invention, 1909

Cook Claims First Ascent of Tallest American Peak. David Vachon. Keywords: Belmore Browne, Alaska, mountaineering, exploration, 1906

New Teaching Method Invented. Janet Peter. Keywords: Joseph Lancaster, education, pedagogy, London, England, Lancasterian System, 1798

Fans Protest Untimely Death of Sherlock Holmes. Michael Fuller. Keywords: Arthur Conan Doyle, literature,1893

Vol. 28. No. 4. February & March, 2017

Wellington Decides To Fight At Waterloo. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Battle of Waterloo, Napoleonic Wars, 1815

Fans Don't Know Star's Name. Michael Fuller. Keywords: Florence Lawrence, cinema, movies, 1906

Brunel Tunnels Under Thames. David Vachon. Keywords: Marc Isambard Brunel, London, England, engineering, 1818

Did Biased Judges Condemn Innocent Man? Matthew Surridge. Keywords: Francois-Marie Arouet, Voltaire, Calas, Toulouse, France, 1762

Vol. 28. No. 5. April & May, 2017

Boy Plans Rebellion Against Emperor. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: China, Li Shimin, Tang Dynasty, 620

Political Radical Advocates Building Appalachian Trail. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Benton MacKaye, conservation, 1921

Wind & Tide Menace Builders of Lighthouse. David Vachon. Keywords: Bell Rock, Scotland, Robert Stevenson, civil engineering, 1800

Critics Blast Racy Opera. Brenda Ralph Lewis. Keywords: Georges Bizet, Carmen, 1875.

Vol. 28, No. 6. June & July, 2017

New Fossil Discoveries Baffle Scientists. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Gideon Mantell, paleontology, England, 1817

Dogsleds Rush Serum to Nome, Alaska. Rick Bromer. Keywords: Gunnar Kaasen, Balto, medicine, Iditarod, 1925

Salon Rejects Monet's Art. Paul Chrastina . Keywords: Impressionism, Claude Monet, 1874

Detective Schemes To Outfox Crook. Phil Jones. Pinkerton Agency, criminology, 1858

Vol. 29, No. 1, August & September, 2017

Theban General Tries New Tactic vs. Spartans. Kim Stubbs. Keywords: Epaminondas, Ancient Greece, warfare, Boeotia, Battle of Leuctra, -371

Bessemer Invents New Way To Make Steel. David Vachon. Keywords: Invention, industry, metallurgy, 1853

Aviator Attempts Flight Across United States. Dorothy Patricia Brewster. Keywords: Calbraith Perry Rodgers, aviation, 1911

French Government Rebuilds Paris. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: Georges-Eugene Haussmann, urban renewal, 1853

Vol. 29. No. 2. October & November, 2017

Henry Tudor Fights King Richard III. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: Henry VII, Battle of Bosworth Field, England, 1485

Fremont Tries To Cross Rockies In Winter. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Colorado, transcontinental railroad, Rocky Mountains, 1848

Brady Seeks Buyer For Photo Collection. David Vachon. Keywords: Matthew Brady, Civil War, photography, 1866

Scientist Struggles To Solve Butterfly Migration Mystery. David Vachon. Keywords: Fred Urquhart, Ken Brugger, monarch butterfly, Toronto, Mexico, entomology, 1975

Vol. 29. No. 3. December, 2017 & January, 2018

New Fighter Plane For Great Britain. Brenda Ralph Lewis. Keywords: Reginald Joseph Mitchell, Spitfire, aviation, World War Two, Battle of Britain, 1936

Montessori Teaching Method Tested On Normal Children. David Vachon. Keywords: Pedagogy, Italy, 1890

Lewis Hine Photographs Young Workers. David Vachon. Keywords: child labor, photography, 1908

Pocahontas Rescues Captain John Smith. Rick Bromer . Keywords: Jamestown, Virginia, 1607

Will European Scientists Recognize Accomplishment of American Woman? Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Maria Mitchell, astronomy, Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1847

Thomas Edison Invents Phonograph. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Invention, 1877

Vol. 29. No. 4. February & March, 2018

Universities Won't Hire Albert Einstein. David Vachon. Keywords: Science, physics,1900

Family Contests Will Of Alfred Nobel. Michael Surridge. Keywords: Ragnar Sohlman, Nobel Prize, 1897

Female Composer Publishes Songs Under Her Brother's Name. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Music, Romantic Era, 1830

Airplane Crosses English Channel. Brian Warhola. Keywords: Louis Bleriot, aviation, 1909

Goodyear Invents Treatment For Rubber. Rick Bromer . Keywords: Invention, 1840

Adolph Ochs Buys New York Times. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: Journalism, 1896

Vol. 29. No. 5. April & May, 2018

Brevity of President's Speech Surprises Crowd At Gettysburg. Rick Bromer. Keywords: Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, United States Civil War, 1863

Pierre de Coubertin Revives Ancient Athletic Festival. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: Sports, Olympics, 1896

World's Largest Steamship Launched In Britain. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Isambard Brunel, Great Western, 1838

Quaker Matron Becomes A Spy. Rick Bromer. Keywords: Lydia Darragh, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, American Revolution 1776

King Richard Attacks Nottingham Castle. Richard Santarelli. Keywords: England, Plantaganet, 1194

Manhattan Theater Installs Air Conditioning. David Vachon. Keywords: Willis Carrier, Invention, 1925

Vol. 29. No. 6. June & July, 2018

Benjamin Franlin Invents Bifocals. David Vachon. Keywords: invention, optometry, 1779.

Conservative Democrats Try To Stop Roosevelt. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: United States, party politics, FDR, Al Smith, 1932

Viking Women Sail To North America. Rick Bromer. Keywords: Gudrid, Iceland, Greenland, Leif Eriksson, L'Anse Aux Meadows, 1007

Patriots Attack Loyalists At King's Mountain. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: William Campbell, overmountain men, South Carolina, American Revolution, 1780

Woman Flies the Atlantic. Rick Bromer . Keywords: Amelia Earhart, aviation, feminism, 1928

Art Forger Fools Experts. David Vachon. Keywords: Han van Meegeren, Jan Vermeer, 1930

Vol. 30. No. 1. August & September, 2018

Lindbergh Takes Off On Transatlantic Flight. Rick Bromer. Keywords: aviation, Spirit of St. Louis. 1927

Stage Actor Charlie Chaplin Tries Making Movies. Dorothy Patricia Brewster. Keywords: cinema, Mack Sennett. 1913

Robert Bruce Claims Crown of Scotland. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: Battle of Bannockburn. 1314

Engineers Detonate Huge Blast In New York. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: John Newton, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Hell Gate, East River. 1876

Weather Warning May Delay Invasion. David Vachon. Keywords: D-Day, World War Two, Dwight D. Eisenhower. 1944

Vol. 30. No. 2. October& November, 2018

Portugal Seeks Sea Route to India. Rick Bromer. Keywords: Henry the Navigator, King John Joao II, Bartholomew Diaz, Christopher Columbus, 1492

Researcher Finds Assyrian Version Of Biblical Flood Story. David Vachon. Keywords: George Smith, archaeology, Iraq, Nineveh, 1872

Teenaged Mother Writes Monster Novel. Rick Bromer. Keywords: Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, literature, 1816

Yankee Heads Construction Of Railroad Across Canada. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: William Von Horne, Canadian Pacific Railway, engineering, management, 1881

Vol. 30. No. 3. December, 2018 & January,2019

Lincoln and Douglas Schedule Debates. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Politics, slavery, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Illinois, 1858

Alfred the Great Resists Invaders. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: England, Anglo-Saxon, Dane, Viking, Wessex, 871

Ocean Liner Sinks Off New England. David Vachon. Keywords: S.S. Andrea Doria, S.S. Stockholm, Piero Calamai, 1956

Autos Race Around the World. Paul Chrastina. Keywords: Great Race, George Schuster, Thomas Flyer, New York, Paris, circumnavigation, automobiles, 1908

Businessman Wants Volunteers To Help Wounded Soldiers. Matthew Surridge. Keywords: Henri Dunant, Red Cross, Geneva Convention, Solferino, 1862

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