THIS MONTH'S OLD NEWS: June & July, 2018

Vol. 29, No. 6

In 1779 Franklin grew frustrated with having to switch from one pair of glasses to the other.

- Conservative Democrats Try To Stop Roosevelt

It became clear that Al Smith was trying to organize a "Stop Roosevelt" coalition.

- Viking Women Sail To North America

There was no known land west of Greenland, so they thought this must be a spirit ship, coming to carry them to the afterlife.

- Patriots Attack Loyalists at King's Mountain

The British were moving north along the mountain front, arming and training Loyalist volunteers.

-Art Forger Fools Experts

The most important problem to solve would be getting the paint to dry.

- Woman Flies the Atlantic

In 1923 Amelia Earhart became the sixteenth woman to be issued a pilot's license.

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