THIS MONTH'S OLD NEWS: December, 2017 & January, 2018

Vol. 29, No. 3

The dogfights of the Battle of Britain were dramas that could be seen as they took place.

- Montessori Teaching Method Tested On Normal Children

The Montessori Method sparked international interest; it was widely read, and translations were published in other countries

- Lewis Hine Photographs Young Workers

The National Child Labor Committee sent Hine's pictures to newspapers as evidence that children were being exploited.

- Pocahontas Rescues Captain John Smith

Pocahontas's name meant "Little Mischief."

- Will European Scientists Recognize Accomplishment Of American Woman?

Mitchell interrupted the dinner party to tell her father that she thought she had spotted a comet.

- Thomas Edison Invents Phonograph

Within a few months, the phonograph succeeded in making Edison a national celebrity.

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